Dancing Atoms: Barbara Morgan Photographs

Dancing Atoms explores the legacy of Barbara Morgan and her lifelong observation of “dancing atoms” which inspired her photographic work.

Barbara Morgan, a founding member of the Aperture Foundation, earned a reputation as a Modernist. Much of her work involves dance, photomontage, and a desire to capture motion. She often would design her images so that the figure was shown against neutral or blank backgrounds that heightened the energy of the motion.  As proven in Morgan’s photographs, the exploration of movement is a theme that countless photographers have been drawn to in the past.  Capturing the beauty and effort of kinetic energy on film takes not only a keen photographic eye, but, more importantly, an understanding of the science that creates such action.   Barbara Morgan was one such photographer.   Her legacy of observing life in relation to “dancing atoms” is forever preserved on film and on paper, providing a glimpse into her world of photography, painting, light and modern dance.

Number of objects: 30
Installation Space: 175 linear feet
Brochure Available