The Prints of Seong Moy

This is a limited retrospective of Seong Moy’s career as a printmaker.  His early works- small but complicated woodcuts on soft luminous papers- were immediately accepted by artists, curators, and the purchasing public.  A painterly quality, so important to his entire graphic output, is evident in much of this work.   That this is seen in the color wood block prints is all the more special due to the great sophistication and skill required to achieve the effects.  Moy is a master printmaker who throughout his career imbued his prints with the same energy and liberating attitude that he appreciated while working at S.W. Hayter’s Atelier 17 and during his study with Hans Hofmann. In the nearly two hundred prints that Moy created his success is grounded in a solid foundation of rigorous training and a keen sense of design.

Number of objects: 35
Installation Space: 200 linear feet
Brochure Available