Hosting Exhibitions


Exhibitions are scheduled for exhibition periods of six to eight weeks, along with additional time allotted to allow for shipping, receiving, and installation.  Loan dates are typically set two weeks prior to the exhibition opening date, and two weeks after the exhibition closes at the borrowing institution, however they are flexible based on availability of Fine Art Shippers.  There is the possibility of extending the exhibition dates past eight weeks provided there are no conflicts with other borrowing institutions. The rental fee would be prorated weekly to account for the additional time.

Exhibition information on each show offered is available on the website for your reference, including a complete illustrated checklist and a brief synopsis of the show. Further information, including curatorial essays, brochure, didactic labels (if available), or educational components (if available) will be furnished upon request.  Installation images and sample press releases are also available for select exhibitions.

To reserve an exhibition, please contact Emily Dittman at or (315)443-4097.  She will be happy to discuss available exhibitions and booking periods.

Booking Process

Prior to booking an exhibition, every exhibitor must submit to the SUArt Museum a General Facility Report developed by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), including floor plans indicating the gallery in which the exhibition will be placed and other visual documentation.

After reviewing and approving the facility report, a Traveling Exhibition contract will be forwarded for examination by the borrowing institution.  Each exhibition contract details exhibition and loan dates, participation fee and deposit, requirements for security, shipping and special handling, credit language, and museum policies.  Exhibition contracts must be signed by an authorized representative of the borrowing institution.

Exhibition fees are based on exhibition periods of six to eight weeks. Extensions are billed on a pro-rated weekly basis. A 25% deposit fee is due upon the signing of the contract.  An invoice for the booking deposit will be send to the hosting institution along with the exhibition contract.  The final payment will be due by the first day of the booking period. An invoice will be sent to the borrowing one month prior to the exhibition opening date. See individual exhibition information for exact costs.

Further details about the exhibitions and booking arrangements can be directed to Emily Dittman. Click on CONTACT for details.

Shipping and Insurance

Borrowers are responsible for arranging and paying for round trip shipping arrangements unless otherwise noted in the exhibition contract, or an addendum to the original contract. All shipments are to be approved by the SUArt Museum before they are booked.  Exhibitions are required to be shipped via ground transport fine arts shippers. Approved shippers include, but are not limited to, USArt, Artex, Bonsei Fine Arts, Northeast Transit, and Atelier 4. Other Fine Art Shippers may be approved.  Trucks must have dual drivers, air ride suspensions, be climate controlled, and have hydraulic lift gates.

Borrowing institutions are responsible for full risk, wall-to-wall insurance for every exhibition contracted. Insurance values will be sent to the Registrar or appropriate staff member at the booking institution a month prior to the start of the loan period.  Certificates of Insurance must be received by the SUArt Museum at least two weeks prior to shipment, or risk the shipment not being released.

Installation and Preparation

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: The amount of space, measured in linear feet, required for each exhibition is listed in conjunction with the description for each exhibition. The total is arrived at by doubling the footage of the framed works placed edge to edge. The amount of space required can vary with the manner of installation, which is up to the borrower.

MATS & GLAZING: Works on paper included in the exhibition are presented in 100% acid free mats and ultraviolet filtering glazing in order to protect prints and works of art on paper. Works are framed in either metal sectionals or wooden frames based on the exhibition.  Specific framing information can be requested for each exhibition. At no point in the loan period may the object be removed from their frames without the permission of the SUArt Museum.

3-D OBJECTS: Three-dimensional objects must be handled by professional staff wearing gloves and must be placed inside a secure pedestal or case.

CONDITION REPORTS: Incoming and outgoing condition reports accompany each exhibit and must be completed by a professional staff person. Any damages must be reported immediately to SUArt Museum.

Installation instructions and complete label information are provided with each exhibition.