Art in the Detail: 20th Century Masters of Photography

This exhibition explores texture, light, and the interplay of these qualities in the work of established and emerging masters of photography.

Working primarily in black and white film, each of the artists in this exhibition possesses the technical skills required to work in photography.  In addition, they have an aesthetic “eye” to investigate and explore the environment around them in order to discover new and unique perspectives on the world.  This talent is a keen and curious one, continuously searching for light striking an object, studying the clouds for abstract designs or recognizing human forms within vegetables, flowers, and landscapes.  Recognizing and composing these elements, whether hidden or obvious, has enabled photography to distinguish itself from painting, drawing and printmaking.  Artists like Imogen Cunningham first popularized the technique in the 1920s, and it continues to impact contemporary masters including Michael A. Smith.

Number of objects: 30
Installation Space: 175 linear feet
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