War News and Strange Brews: The Art of Boris Artzybasheff

This exhibition examines the work of an artist who captured the imagination of a generation with his images of portraits and fanciful machines.

This exhibition looks at numerous examples of Boris Artzybasheff’s portrait illustrations completed for Time magazine during the Second World War when Americans relied on printed media to bring them images of newsmakers and events. Artzybasheff’s skillfulness at portraying facial characteristics is coupled with his uncanny ability to develop the background of each portrait for further comment on his subject’s personality and the role they played in history. The biographical descriptions that accompany each portrait were drawn from the Time magazine issue that the Artzybasheff portrait appeared on, or from earlier issues. Consequently the portraits, and the attendant descriptions, do not present information that was learned after the war ended so that viewers might be better able to understand why Artzybasheff portrayed these personalities as he did.


Number of objects: 35

Installation space: 150 linear feet
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